Did you know several waterfalls are hidden off the beaten path in Alabama? Why not plan a road trip to see a few when you are traveling along the Alabama Bass Trail? You might want to begin with a few that are a short drive or hike from Lake Guntersville

waterfallHigh Falls
When fishing on Lake Guntersville, you’ll be close to High Falls. Located on the south side of the lake in Geneva County and spanning 300 feet across, these falls welcome hikers to wade in the shallow, crystal-clear waters.

DeSoto Falls
Jump in your car and head to DeSoto Falls, a popular spot in northern Alabama. This 100-foot-high waterfall is located in Fort Payne. Drive or hike through the state park and discover why so many people travel to this destination.

Little River Falls
Little River Falls is also a short drive from Lake Guntersville. Surrounded by gorgeous rock walls, the 45-foot drop is mesmerizing. Be sure to bring your camera to this spot and all other waterfalls, as each one is a photographer’s paradise!