Pickwick Lake

If you’re looking for a good fight, try your luck against the smallmouth bass of Pickwick Lake!

Along its 50-mile path from Wilson Dam in Florence, Alabama to Pickwick Dam in Tennessee, summertime lake levels provide 490 miles of winding shoreline and nearly 48,000 acres of water surface.

Oh, the largemouth are here, too, but this lake is home to one of the most popular – and productive – smallmouth fishing areas of the entire trail. From the embankments to the tail waters of the dam, Pickwick has sweet spots for many different species. The lake hosts several large tournaments each year and has gained quite a reputation among anglers of all skill levels.

What you’ll catch

  • Largemouth bass

  • Smallmouth bass

  • Spotted bass

  • Crappie

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Seasonal Temperatures

Jan30.6° F51.9° F
Feb32° F54.7° F
Mar40° F64.1° F
Apr48.3° F74° F
May56.5° F81.4° F
Jun64.2° F88.5° F
Jul67.6° F91° F
Aug66.6° F90.6° F
Sep61° F86.3° F
Oct48.2° F75.4° F
Nov38.1° F63° F
Dec32.6° F53.7° F

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