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Yesterday’s traditions. Today’s adventures. Tomorrow’s memories.

There’s fishing and then there’s catching.

People who know fishing know Alabama has a storied reputation for it. Those who are serious about their fishing know this is the place to catch the big ones.

And people who just love fishing? Well, they’ve found oh so much to love in Alabama!


Summer is here and it’s time to hit the lake! If you enjoy boating, fishing, kayaking and swimming, Lake Martin is the place for you. It’s no wonder this central Alabama lake has become a vacation hot spot for those of all ages and interests.

Let’s explore!

Test your jumping skills on the famous Chimney Rock. This graffitied rock wall has become a prime swimming area for boaters to pull up and jump off the varied levels of rock walls. Jump high or low into the clear waters of Lake Martin and you’ll immediately realize this spot is just for you.

Horseshoe Bend offers hiking as well as a little American history education along the way. Each of the historical markers along the hiking paths brings interesting information to enhance your visit. You’ll want to choose this location often to enjoy the outdoors and explore Alabama’s past.

Stop to feed the animals on Goat Island. Just as the name suggests, Goat Island is home to wild goats that roam the beaches and woods. Pull your boat up in the shallow waters to swim and relax with a picnic lunch for the day.

Swimming in Lake Martin is easy and fun! The two public beach areas are accessible by land and by water, so drive up or dock for a day of fun in the sun in the clear waters of the lake.

Don’t forget to do a little fishing along the way. Home to record-size bass, recreational and professional fishing opportunities abound within the lake’s 39,000 acres. Test your skills in these waters and you’ll be thrilled by the fish you reel in!

It’s time to explore Lake Martin and plan the perfect summer getaway for you and your family!

Gather your crew and hit the Alabama Bass Trail to START YOUR OWN ADVENTURE.

This Alabama tradition is sure to add keepers to your list of treasured memories.

The 13 lakes and rivers of the Alabama Bass Trail offer easy access and plenty of variety throughout the state. From north to south, Alabama has fishing opportunities for both serious anglers and those who love to wet a hook on the weekend. Lakes, rivers, dams and deltas offer such variety of open spaces, protected cover, solitude and adventure that it seems there truly is a spot for everyone. Whether on the lakes made famous for trophy bass and award-winning crappie or at a little-known honey hole catching trout for dinner, fishing in Alabama is a tradition. And it’s a fun one to share!

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