It’s time to explore Logan Martin Lake!

Logan Martin LakeNew year, new you . . . or new fishing spot. Out with the old and in with the new, right? Scope out your newest fishing destination along the Alabama Bass Trail – we have just the place for you.

Logan Martin Lake  is known as the Lake of a Thousand Coves, which makes it a great natural destination for bass fishing in Alabama. The Coosa River spotted bass, aka Alabama bass, is a well-known fish that anglers of every level enjoy fishing. Known to put up a huge fight, these smaller bass are fun to catch. Once hooked, they can be tricky to get on the boat because their slender size allows them to easily maneuver through the water and get away.

Striped bass are known to spawn in this area each spring, making it a popular time to drop a line. Weighing up to 70 pounds, this fish is fast and often a challenge to catch.

Another fish to pursue on Logan Martin Lake is the largemouth bass. It may be considered the most popular to catch and most photographed.

Anglers who fish here or elsewhere on the trail often send us pictures of their catch for a chance to be featured in our #CatchOfTheDay post on social media. Don’t be shy – we look forward to sharing your excitement!

Put Logan Martin Lake on your calendar today and start the new year with some fabulous fishing.