fishing-in-the-rainCome rain or shine, an angler will never pass up a great opportunity to fish along the Alabama Bass Trail. But what do you do when you get caught in an afternoon rain on one of the Alabama lakes? Instead of calling it a day, check out these tips on how to land the bass of your dreams in rainy weather.

  1. Look for runoffs. When rainwater creates runoffs into the lakes, it brings nutrients to the water, which then attracts baitfish. Where these little fish are swimming, the bass will surely follow. Find clean runoff areas in the lake and start throwing your lure.
  2. Topwater. Bass break away from their honey holes and tend to be more active in their search for food during the rain. Fish the topwater to grab their attention – use a topwater lure and a consistent cast with plenty of water time.
  3. Speed is key! Try cranking your bait quickly to cover more ground. Since bass are more aggressive in rainy weather, your bait will be of greater interest when it’s moving quickly.